osteopathy treatments for neck injuries in Barcelona

Osteopathy treatments for neck Injuries

 Osteopathy treatments for neck Injuries. Anterior and posterior neck injuries An anterior or posterior neck injury is when one or more of the necks vertebras are blocked in flexion / extension in respect to the vertebras below. This means...

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Massage sensitivity Barcelona

Thermotherapy – Applying heat in massage

Thermotherapy  – Applying heat in massage Thermotherapy is the name given to the application of heat for therapeutic massage purposes. This type of massage is a very common technique in sports massage and other healing massages such as chiromassage....

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Massage verses Acupuncture

Massage verses Acupuncture – Professionals around the world recommend massage instead of acupuncture to treat all kinds of pain. Massage verses acupuncture is a conversation that is more and more coming up in conversation Although both techniques seek to...

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Sports massage for athletes

Sports massage for athletes originated in the Soviet Union. Sarkisov Serazini was considered the man behind the famous “sports massage”. In 1922 Serazinis team began to investigate massage techniques to improve athlete’s performance. These same investigations continue today, in a...

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The effects of massage on the nervous system

Research shows that massage has an effect on both the central and peripheral nervous system. A good massage provides a relaxing effect, the patient peace and eases away stress and muscle tension and helps functions such as capasity to sleep...

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