Osteopathy in Barcelona
Osteopathy in Barcelona

Osteopathy treatments in Barcelona

Osteopathy treatments in Barcelona are reasonably new and growing in number year on year.

Saying that Osteopathy as a form of therapy is old. It was unveiled during the eighteenth century by the American Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), He developed Osteopathy when dissatified with how medicine was practiced in those days. He espacially objected to the exaggerated amount of prescription issued by doctors. In 1874 he made public for the first time his philosophical and called it Osteopathy.

JM Little john, the Osteopath introduced Osteopathy to Europe. The first school in Europe was founded in 1917 in England and was called “The British School of Osteopathy”. By 1957 the “École Française d’Osteopathie” under the direction of Paul Geny, was also founded which later, for reasons of the states repression was moved to England in 1960 and the “European School of Osteopathy” was born in Maidstone. From those days we have opened Simplybe, you Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona following the same principles as these founding schools.

From the 80, the Osteopathy has resulted gaining presence and visibility in Europe, There are several institutes for training and continuing education. Osteopathy in Barcelona is found all over as osteopathy clinics become more common place. To find out more about osteopathy click here https://www.osteopathy.org.uk/visiting-an-osteopath/about-osteopathy/

The function osteopath at present is to eliminate the mechanical and structural barriers that prevent communication of body fluids. The state of tissues in general and connective tissue in particular is the field of action of osteopath. Here then enter a much broader concept of Osteopathy . The Osteopath considers the totality of being human in his unit.

If your body structure is in its optimum condition and work together harmoniously you will feel great. We believe that these components: the fascial, bio mechanical, muscular, nerves, circulatory and endocrine levels need to be correctly aligned. If so, our bodies are able to not only be healthy but also fix itself. Our Osteopathy treatments includes mobilization, thrust and massage to ensure that your body structure is working in harmony.

Osteopathy in Barcelona has become more and more popular in the last 10 years. It is fair to say that this trend can be seen worldwide. The advantages found from osteopathy treatments have made osteopathy a valid therapy for many different types of people from sportsmen to office workers.

Osteopathy has the following benefits

  • Reduce pain
  • Stimulates the muscular – skeleton system
  • Improves mobility
  • Injury prevencion
  • Improves balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Helps rebalance organic alterations such as migraine, pregnancy pain, arthritis, post operation recovery, incontinence urinary) amongst others.
  • Non invasive

Osteopathy has a holistic vision of the human body; it is for this reason that the treatments are so effective. Rather than treating the pain the Osteopath loos to treat the pain and any issue associated to the pain. Treating the body as a whole the body can rebalance itself and start working correctly enabling self-healing.

Osteopathy treatments in Barcelona in our wellness and health centre offers the patient a wide range of services and personalized treatment plans that work with your lifestyle, abilities and budget. We treat all types of people from athletes to stationary people. From pre-natal to post-partum and from the young to the old.

Barcelona is a large city and like most large cities day to day life can be stressful and busy.  Osteopathy treats not only the physical but also helps people to re-connect with themselves. Offering lifestyle advise, exercise and dietary advice.

Our clients often common that not only do they feel better because the pain has reduced or disappeared, but also comment about better sleeping patterns, more energy and general wellbeing. Our Osteopathy treatments re-align the body allowing the nervous system to flow freely. A happy nervous system contributes to our emotional wellbeing.

Most people don’t find time to come and see an Osteopath unless they are in Pain. We offer osteopathy treatments for all types of illnesses as well as Osteopathy treatments to prevent and maintain your health and wellness.

Our Osteopathy treatments in Barcelona is considered an alternative therapy. Alternative therapies can stand alone replacing tradition medicine in some cases. In others Osteopathy can be used as a complement to traditional medicine working to better your recovery and overall health.

At Simplybe we encourage Pilates as a complementary treatment with our Osteopathy sessions. As a health centre in Barcelona, we have seen great successes for people who take both Pilates classes and Osteopathy sessions with us. Let us re-align you, once you have your balance let us help you learn to re-align yourself

Osteopathy in Barcelona with Simplybe, your friendly one stop shops for all your wellness needs. Come and try a session and experience our friendly and professional staff waiting to help.   

Our Osteopathy clinic is based in the center of Barcelona with great trasnport links

We have a high specialization in therapuetic treatments and our staff are continuous training in osteopathic, massage and rehabilitation techniques. Choose your Osteopathy treatments in Barcelona


For an appointment and to start your Osteopathy treatments in Barcelona contact us on (0034) 935 146 194 or WhatsApp on 644316850 or Email us info@simplybepilates.com

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