Simplybe Massage, Osteopathy and clinical Pilates. Your health and wellness center in Barcelona.

At Simplybe we specialize in Massage, Osteopathy and clinical Pilates, to help you recovery from illness or injury, prevent illness or injury or just keep fit and healthy.

Our massage menu includes therapeutic massages such as: chiro – massage, sports massage and deep tissue massage. These types of massages unblock tension and loosen up tight muscles reducing pain. Many amateur sportspeople also take advantage of these therapeutic massages to avoid injury and overall maintenance.

At the other side of the massage spectrum we also provide a range of holistic massages such as anti-cellulite and relaxation message. Our holistic massage range are designed to aid relaxation both emotionally and mentally, as well as aesthetically improve the body’s tone and complexion. Click here to book a massage

Osteopathy is a technique that manipulates both muscles and skeleton structure to restore the body’s balance and promote good health. Our Osteopathy sessions unblock the body elevating pain and discomfort in a safe and effective manner. Click here to book an Osteopathy session

Clinical Pilates sessions strengthen, tone and aid flexibility. Clinical Pilate’s exercises work the body in its correct alignment, improving posture as well as creating correct muscle memory. The combination enables the body to relearn bad habits restoring balance to the body and eliminating common complaints such as back pain. Correct alignment or posture not only reduces pain, but also betters range of movement and improves quality of life as you feel stronger and physically capable.

Clinical Pilates also engages a breathing technique that accompanies the precise, controlled movements. The combination of controlled movement and breathing has a positive effect in calming the mind and generating positive concentration. Click here to book a clinical Pilates session

At simplybe we understand that in some cases a Massage would be preferential to Pilates or Osteopathy or vice versa. Our trained therapists will advise you so that you receive the best treatment or combination of treatments for your body! Click here to book your first session with Simplybe today!

We speak English and Spanish. For more information or to book your first session with Simplybe today and let us help you feel healthy, stronger and pain free.

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