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Pilates, Osteopathy, Massage.
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Group Classes

A Pilate’s MAT, pre-natal or Yoga session consists of performing exercises with control and concentration as a means to get fit, to complement a sports routine, and help injury prevention or recovery. All practitioners achieve better tone and flexibility, a stronger leaner body, strengthened pelvis floor, improve circulation and coordination and a calm mind. For more information or to book your session click here

Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates is an injury recovery method that combines Pilate’s exercises with other physical therapies. A clinical Pilates session can help restore normal movement patterns, improve range of movement and flexibility, aid rehabilitation and relax overstressed muscles. The breathing technique also calms the mind and reduces stress. For more information or to book your session click here


Osteopathy is non-intrusive means to restore the body’s balance by manipulating the body back into its natural alignment. An osteopathy session, among other benifits can help relieve stress and tension on joints and muscles, increase circulation and reduces blood pressure. For more information or to book your session click here

Therapeutic Massage

Chiromassage is design to heal many conditions and illnesses. Some of the illnesses include arthritis, immune system issues, insomnia, muscle spasm. A Chiromassage session can relieve pain and tension, reduce anxiety, lessen depression, and remove toxins. For more information or to book your chiromassage or a relaxation massage click here


Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates instead of fitness pilates? Our clinical pilates instructor’s in Barcelona are trained in Pilates as well


Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer Class. Pilates reformer are used for injury rehabilitation, as well as a machine to get in shape. A reformer



About Osteopathy. The Osteopathy was unveiled during the eighteenth century by the American Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-191


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  • I have been going to Devorah’s pilates classes for over a year now. She has a relaxed and informal approach offering a variety of different exercises to improve strength and flexibility. The different poses are well explained and any problems of difficulties you may have are corrected. And if your level of English is not great then she will coach and guide you in Spanish too. I would recommend coming to her classes… especially in the fabulous new studio. Zoe Hornby

    Zoe Hornby
  • For me, nothing tones my body like Pilates, and when I’m toned and fit, I’m happy! Devorah’s is an amazing instructor. First of all, she’s incredibly knowledgeable about human physiology. Every class I seem to learn something new about my body. Secondly, she packs a lot into an hour. Her classes are so varied that I never get bored. Lastly, she pushes me to my limit every class (I need that :), but she does it in a fun and safe way. I’m on holiday now but can’t wait to get back to Barcelona and Pilates!

  • I absolutely love Devorah’s pilates for pregnancy. These classes give me a massive energy boost like no other class has. It isn’t too strenuous but I really feel like I’ve worked my body at the end (and the next day!) and with only 2/3 others in the class there is space for one-to-one attention in the moments you need it! :) The bilingual instruction is also helping my Castillano without me missing anything important! LOVE!

  • Hey Devorah, just want to say I´m really enjoying being back in your classes again after a long gap! Im learning lots from you and want to say a big `Thankyou’ for all your help and support. Its nice to see a friendly, smiling face!!

    Niki Mena
  • Pilates in the park is really great, the class is really well run with lots of personal attention throughout the class and its in a lovely spot…fresh air and improving your health all at once!