Pilates Massage Osteopathy services in Barcelona

Pilates Massage Osteopathy Barcelona

Pilates Massage Osteopathy services in Barcelona. Pilates is an injury recovery method that combines Pilate’s exercises with other physical therapies. A Pilates session can help restore normal movement patterns, improve range of movement and flexibility, aid rehabilitation and relaxes overstressed muscles. The breathing technique also calms the mind and reduces stress.

Pilates is a great exercise method for everyone whether you are an athlete looking to prevent injury or someone who works in an office suffering from aches and pains from sitting at your computer all day.  Pilates works to strengthen your core and postural muscles as well as having a positive effect on your overall emotional and mental wellness. Research has also shown that Pilates helps to improve sleep patterns.

Besides its benefits Pilates is fun and even some say satisfying form of exercise that encourages the student to perform slow controlled movement to achieve strength, flexibility, balance and a great shape.

Pilates offers a wide range of exercises all with modification for beginners, intermediate and advanced making it suitable for everyone. In addition, there is a wide range of Pilates machines and tools to help you achieve your goals. At Simplybeosteopathy we offer Pilate’s mat classes, Pilate’s pregnancy classes, Pilates with foam roller classes, Pilates with bands and ball classes. Pilates postural classes and Pilate’s reformer classes.

We are a wellness centre and as a wellness centre we focus on rehabilitation and clinical Pilates classes. However, if you are looking to get fir, done worry our classes will challenge you and, we hope, put a smile on your face.

Our Pilates classes are 55 minutes taught by experienced and knowledgeable Pilates instructors.

Your one stop clinic in Barcelona: Pilates Massage Osteopathy services in Barcelona

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Osteopathy Barcelona

Osteopathy is non-intrusive means to restore the body’s balance by manipulating the body back into its natural alignment. An osteopathy session, among other benifits can help relieve stress and tension on joints and muscles, increase circulation and reduces blood pressure.

To go into a little more depth, Osteopathy is a form of manual therapy that focuses on preventing injuries and relieving pain and discomfort. An Osteopath will look at his or her patients’ body as a whole. This means that rather than treating the injury or discomfort as a stand-alone problem, an Osteopath will seek to look for related points of weakness in the body and work to treat the chain of problems.

At Simplybe we work as structural Osteopaths working with the bio-mechanics of your body looking to realign the body to promote health and wellness. Osteopathy as a form manual therapy has had great success in reliving pain, but also in generating a sense of overall wellness. For more information about the benefits of Osteopathy click here

An Osteopathy session is complete in the sense that the session will include a range of techniques from mobilization, massage and impulse if possible or  when your body is ready. We also combine our manual therapy techniques with diet and exercise advise.

Your first Osteopathy session will include an recap of your medical history and a physical assessment. Please remember to bring any Xrays, medical reports, water and to wear comfortable clothes

We recommend combining Osteopathy with Pilates to great results.

Simplybe, your Osteopathy clinic with friendly and professional staff waiting to help

Your one stop wellness clinic in Barcelona Pilates, Massage and Osteopathy Barcelona

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Massage Osteopathy Barcelona

There are a huge range of massage techniques as well as massage types. Massage has been used all over the world as a form of healing for centuries and has only recently come to the west and been accepted as a form of therapy as well as a form of relaxation.

Our massage therapies include pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, sports massage, Thai massage, chiro massage, shiatsu massage, stretch massage, facial massage, chair massage to list a few

Massage therapy is now not only widely accepted as a form of therapy but also as a form of relaxation. A massage in one of our beautiful massage room in the centre of Barcelona is a great experience for you or to gift to a friend. Hands on treatments like massage reduce stress and anxiety

Whether you choose from a therapeutic massage or a relaxation massage you will receive excellent care from our friendly staff. We speak a number of languages and aim to make your experience with us a great one.

We are open weekedn and until 8.30pm so that you can choose your massage at your convienience

Our specialist massage is a deep tissue therapuetic massage called Chiro-massage. A Chiromassage is one of the most popular massages in Spain and includes some Osteopathy techniques. A Chiromassage is designed to heal many conditions and illnesses include arthritis, immune system issues, insomnia, muscle spasm. A Chiromassage session can relieve pain and tension, reduce anxiety, reduce depression, and move and drain toxins to name a few of the benefits.

Prior to any massage we will require you to answer some simply health questions. If you have any specific issues please advise us in advance.

All our massages are 55 minutes as standard. If you wish to opt for a 90 minute massage we are happy to help.

Your one stop wellness clinic in Barcelona Pilates, Massage and Osteopathy in Barcelona

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Your Pilates Massage Osteopathy in Barcelona

Quality wellness services including Osteopathy, Massage, Fitness or Rehabilitation Pilates, We believe in an individual approach to get you to where you need to be! Our therapists are experienced, caring and professional. Enjoy our beautiful Pilates, Massage and Osteopathy Clinic in Barcelona

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Pilates Massage Osteopathy Services in Barcelona, Pricing Table

Reformer & Yoga
70€ / From

Individual class: 60€

Pack of 5: 279€

Pack of 10: 529€

Pilates-Yoga-P.T at home: 70€

Pack of 5: 325€

65€ / From

Individual sessions: 65€

Pack of 5: 300€

Pack of 10: 575€

Osteopathy at home: 99€

Pack of 5: 475€

60€ / From

Individual session: 60€

Pack of 5: 275€

Pack of 10: 550€

Massage at home: 89€

Pack of 5: 425€

Pilates Monthly
8€ / Trial

1 class a week: 55€

2 classes a week: 79€

Trial Class 8€

Single 15€

Pre-natal Monthly
10€ / Trial

1 class a week: 65€

2 classes a week: 110€

Trial 10€

Single 20€

Drop in Classes
70€ / From

5 pilates mat classes: 70€

10 Pilates mat classes: 135€

5 Pilates pregnancy classes: 75€

10 Pilates pregnancy classes: 140€

What Our Clients Think

What do people say about our Pilates, Massage and Osteopathy Clinic in Barcelona

I started attending to Devorah’s pilates classes in ay 2016 and in the 3 years I attended I have seen great results. I attend twice a week normally and i feel stronger and more toned than ever before. Devorah is an excellent teacher with the perfect match of technique and humour. She also caters for different ages, capabilities and fitness levels without any breaks to the flow of the class. Try it, you will feel great!

Abbey Sykes

Simplybepilates is Top – I cant recommend this Osteopathy and Pilates studio enough! I have a disc hernia and was in sever pain. Dovorah treated me as an Osteopath and Pilates instructor, she is very talented and you are always feeling safe in her hands. whe you leave the sessiones you already notice the difference. For Pilates class she gives each person guidance so everyone gets what they need out of the class. It’s nice to come be as new! Dovorah always has a big smile so even if you are sufferering with your illness you will be better from her visits! She can do brillient

Louise Fisker

Received a great massage from Devorah the other day. Very knowledgable and experience massage therapist. I enjoyed the combination of pressure pointing and accupressure in her treatments. As I have some toxic retention the massage also included an element of lymphatic massage. This massage did wonders! The session finished with some beneficial exercises, a very complete massage. Thanks!

Pavils Hawkins

I did pregnancy Pilates with Devorah and it was amazing! I did both private and group class both were different but I got a lot of value from both. Devorah really focuses on your pregnancy and your journey taking you safely through the different stages and phases of your pregnancy, both physically and in some elements emotionally. She is a total professional. For me Pilates was the best way to workout during your pregnancy. The center is a wellness center and I had a couple of massages done during some of the more intense weeks of the pregnancy. The massages were amazing, I kept booking in even afetr the issues were dealt with.

Amelie van de Pol

With a desperate need to find someone to help my back pain I found Devorah online. After my first assessment and osteopathy session I knew I was in good hands and that soon my back pain would be solved. I signed up for my osteopath sessions and immediately after the first session I was walking better and my body felt pain free. I was surprised and very pleased. I am convinced she has magic heands! I now go to her fun and interesting pilates classes twice a week which I enjoy and look forward to. You can see she loves her job and brings her passion to class. Recommend!

Fiona Morris

I’ve had back pain for over 15 years so decided to start private pilates and osteopath sessions at SimplyBe. Devorah has been brill. She guides me through the exercises step-by-step and is able to explain the exercises so that you just get them. She is the only therapist that I have seen that forgets about the tipical stretches and has taken time to really understand my body and my abilities and needs. The classes were 100% designed for me. Would definitely recommend.

Sancar Sahin

Gracias Anna. un placer que estas en las clases!!! Te pones las clases más divertidos!!!

Ana Fernandez

About Us

Devorah Al-Irimi

Massage and Osteopathy in Barcelona

We are an international team of highly skilled massage professionals based in a beautiful and calming massage center in the very center of Barcelona. All team members are certified from the best massage and bodywork schools and organizations in Spain, France, Canada, Thailand and the UK.

Our team members are not only skilled massage professionals but also hold other bodywork certifications in movement such as pilates, yoga and manual therapies including physiotherapy and osteopathy. We offer a holistic approach to our customers, offering a wide range of massage services and other services so that you receive the best treatment or even combination of treatment. For us, our upmost priority is your wellness, both physically, emotionally and mentally. Our aim is for you to feel healthier, valued and in safe hands.

We aim to offer not only quality massage treatment but also aim to ensure  professionalism and excellent level of customer service. We speak a range of languages. We enjoy our work and the most rewarding part of our work is to see our customers leave happy, our aim to make that happen with every customer!

We try to offer a complete service with a free consultation to discuss your health requirements both pre and post treatment. Our advice expert advice ranges from  exercises and stretches to dietary advice. We offer a wide range of massages from our healing chiro-massage to our stress busting relaxing massage.

Pilates Massage Osteopathy Barcelona, Your one stop wellness clinic in Barcelona

Pilates Massage Osteopathy Barcelona

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