Practise Pilates in Barcelona

Pilates has become more and more popular in Barcelona the past 10 years, however there are still many people who are not sure what it is! Barcelona is an alternative type of city and as a result there are many of its inhabitance that practice yoga. It could be said that in Barcelona pilates has become the new phase, slowly catching up with yoga in popularity. It is easy to see that in every area of Barcelona there are yoga and pilates studios popping up.

So why is pilates becoming more popular in Barcelona? Well pilates previously has been practiced by athletes and dancers so has been practiced and taught at a very advanced level. This has disabled many people from participating. Nowadays we can see all levels of classes of pilates in Barcelona.

Pilates in Barcelona has become more recognized recently since some of the famous footballers have taken to using pilates as a method of rehabilitation o as injury prevention. In many other cities we are able to observe famous celebrates practicing pilates for a variety of motives. It seems to be worldwide pilates trend not only a Barcelona pilates trend.

It is also fair to state that previously in Barcelona there were very few studios and these pilates studios in Barcelona were and some still are expensive. Nowadays demand has caught up with supply and it is easy to find a reasonable priced pilates studio in Barcelona.

Pilates in Barcelona gymnasiums. Almost every gym now offers pilates. The gym style of pilates in Barcelona is often criticized by the pilates studios in Barcelona as many of the gyms accept up to 20 people a class and therefore even the best teacher would have difficulties ensuring their students are doing the exercises correctly as there simply would not be enough time to check and if necessary correct every student.

Now you can, go and try pilates in Barcelona today!

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