Pregnancy Pilates in Barcelona

Pre-natal and postpartum Pilates is a great way to stay in shape and prepare for birth.

Pregnancy Pilates in Barcelona with Simplybe has helped many a pregnant woman experiences their pregnancy in a positive and healthy manner.

How Pregnancy Pilates can help with the changes you will experience in your body

The weight of the baby changes the centre of gravity that the body is accustomed to, which means that the back, hips and leg muscles have to be stronger to support the weight of the baby. A lack of exercise and maintaining your strength during pregnancy can often lead to the body developing bad habits during and after the pregnancy. Our pregnancy classes mean you can leave your worries at the door, we make sure that you are working in the best possible way for you and your baby to be.

The main areas affected in pregnancy are: the pelvis, abdomen, breasts. Pregnancy pilates can help you get ahead of the game and avoid symptoms associated with pregnancy such as lower back pain and joint pain. To get a little scientific, during Pregnancy, women produce relaxin and progesterone to which help the ligaments relax preparing for the big day. This in turn leads to stiff joints and joint pain. Pilates will help you maintain your mobility and flexibility.

Pregnancy Pilates can help with all these problems. We work to improve your flexibility and strength in a safe manner. Each trimester our pregnancy Pilates classes focus on keeping you fit during your pregnancy as well as preparing you for the next trimester or childbirth.

The Pre-natal journey, trimester by trimester

 Each trimester has its challenges and new exercises replace the exercises that were taught in the earlier stages of pregnancy. The first trimester many women can manage to work out in a Pilates class, working hard and enjoying the freedom of working out while your baby is safe and comfortable. The second trimester the exercises are toned down and focus on preparing for the final trimester. For example; encouraging better flexibility in the hips and pelvis area.

The second trimester also has a strong focus on maintaining strength and agility in the whole body. Many women make the mistake of trying to become “stronger” during pregnancy to not lose their figures. This is a mistake that can have potential serve repercussions. We encourage our students to accept the changes in your bodies and be content with feeling healthy, strong and being in shape. The final trimester the exercises help prepare for the birth and after. Pelvic floor exercises, breathing technique and postural exercises are of great importance.

Many of the exercises in a pregnancy Pilates class are performed in a kneeling position with hands on the floor, a position considered great during pregnancy, the reason is because it reduces tension in the back and pelvis.

Our pre-natal or pregnancy Pilates classes are taught with the use of small equipment. We will use Pilates balls, Pilate’s rollers and Pilates bands to assist make the Pilates exercises harder or easier depending on the stage of your pregnancy or simply your energy levels that day. Our Pregnancy or pre-natal Pilates classes are designed so you get the attention you need for every exercise. The class has no more than 8 women in it to make sure the teacher has time to attend to you whether that is to correct you, offer you a modification or to simply offer some motivational words.

Before starting pre-natal group Pilates classes, it is advisable that you have an assessment prior to the class. At Simplybeosteopathy we may offer a verbal consultation or suggest that your first class is private so we can teach you to work in group classes in a way that is best for your body. Women who are having complicated pregnancies or have had previous health issues may need to understand deeper the different Pilates techniques so that they can opt for any modifications offered in class with a better understanding. In some cases, we suggest that a massage or Osteopathy session is performed before the Pilates classes start. We would suggest this in cases of server sciatic for example.

The verbal or practical assessments and consultations are designed so that we understand your needs and can work with you and your needs so that you get the most out of the Pilates classes and your pregnancy. Everybody has a slightly different body and therefore, to get the most out of Pregnancy Pilates it is important that that person understand the best way to work with her body. As your body changes during the pregnancy the modification will also change. It is vital to learn and understand the 5 principles of Pilates. When you have this understanding, you can practise Pilates in a safe and comfortable manner during the class and if you wish, after you have learnt the exercises that work for your body and pregnancy, at home.

Pregnancy Pilates is a safe way to exercise during pregnancy. It is important to be fit not only to recover your body after childbirth and feel good, but also because they help with the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Don´t trust just us read what the NHS says about exercises during pregnancy

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