Pregnancy Pilates in Barcelona

Pre-natal and post parto pilates is a great way to stay in shape and prepare for birth.

Pregnancy Pilates in Barcelona with Simplybe has helped many a pregnant women experience their physical experiences in a positive and healthy manner.

The main areas affected in pregnancy are: the pelvis, abdomen, breasts.

If you do pregnancy pilates you can reduce many of the negative effects of being pregnant such as lower back pain.

Pregnancy, gives women more of the hormones progesterone and HCG (hormone chorionic gonadotropin ) joints are more flexible until they can cause pain.

During pregnancy the body has changed to allow baby to grow in it. Some of the changes are; the lower back has to be more flexible and hips need to become more elastic. The belly grows and the abdominal muscles separate, the body is required to be more elastic.

The weight of the baby changes the center of gravity the body is accustomed to, which means that the back muscles have to be stronger to support the weight. The hips and leg muscles also have to be stronger to support the weight of the baby. If those muscles are not strengthened for pregnancy the body can develop bad habits.

Many of the exercises in a pregnancy Pilates class are performed in a kneeling position with hands on the floor, a position considered great during pregnancy, the reason is because it reduces tension in the back and pelvis.

Pregnancy Pilates can help with all these problems. We work to improve flexibility and strength. Each trimester a pregnancy pilates class will focus on preparing for the next trimester or childbirth.

Our pre-natal or pregnancy Pilates classes are taught with the use of small equipement. We will use Pilates balls, Pilates rollers and Pilates bands to assist make the Pilates exercises harder or easier depending on the stage of your pregnancy or simply your energy levels that day. Our Preganacy or pre-natal pilates classes are designed so you get the attension you need for every exercise. The class has no more than 6 women in it to make sure the teacher has time to attend to you whetehr that is to correct you, offer you a modification or to simply offer some motivational words.

Pregnancy Pilates is a safe way to exercise during pregnancy. It is important to be fit not only to recover your body after childbirth and feel good, but also because they help with the process of pregnancy and childbirth. Don´t trust just us read what the NHS says about exercsies during pregnancy

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