Massage verses Acupuncture – Professionals around the world recommend massage instead of acupuncture to treat all kinds of pain.

Massage verses acupuncture is a conversation that is more and more coming up in conversation

Although both techniques seek to relieve pain, the positive effects of massage have been shown in numerous studies, and the success of massage is reflected in the increased visits to the masseur and massage center. Today, people not only go for a massage to eliminate pain, but also to relax, de-stress and improve your mood.

Acupuncture is an alternative treatment that is based on the energies, this technique uses thin needles which are inserted into certain points of the body so the body to release endorphin’s that help the healing process. Many people prefer a massage instead of acupuncture because they feel some reluctance to needles and massages tend to be commonly accepted as effective and pleasurable.

Some intuitions have it clear, massages verses acupuncture…massage wins hand down. Why?, Well when considering acupuncture is that the medical community has failed to check what this technique promises and shows some antipathy to recommend their practice. In comparison to massage which has been proven by research conducted by organizations such as: SpineUniverse. Please click for more details. conducted a survey in 2008 which showed that people who suffer from back pain turn to massage to relieve your symptoms AND IT WORKS!

Massage is a technique, when given by qualified massage therapists, helps the patient to eliminate body pain by relaxing body and mind.
If you want less aches and pains, to reduce daily stress and look great, put yourself in the hands of a professional massage therapist to help you achieve your goals.

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