Osteopathy treatments for lateral neck injuries

Osteopathy treatments for lateral neck injuries are very effective. A lateral neck injury can be classified as a misalignment of the cervical vertebras that have dislodged laterally.

Normally the apophasis at the side of the vertebra connects with the side of the vertebra below leaving an abnormally large separation between its opposite apophasis in relation to the vertebra below. This type of injury can be accompanied by lateral osteophytes.

Symptoms for lateral neck injuries

The misalignment of any of the vertebras in inflexion will cause the patient pain when he or she turns or tilts to the side their head. It is also common to see a degree of braquialgia (the irritation of a cervical disc that causes a pain in the neck that shoots down the arm causing a sensation of itchiness, numbness and tingling) Dizziness can also be a result of the nerve being trapped due to the misaligned vertebra.

The main reasons for lateral neck injuries are: trauma from an accident or sudden movement, degenerative diseases such as arteritis and cervical scoliosis.

Osteopathy treatments for lateral neck injuries, step by step.

The first stage is a massage to relax the associated muscle chain.

The second stage is to locate the pain. If the pain is located in the area where the vertebra has made contact with the inferior vertebra a direct manipulation can be used.  If the painful area is the side that has separated from the inferior vertebra an indirect manipulation is applied. Traction or SOTO.

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