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| Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries -

Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries

Pericarditis is normally associated with tendinitis and causes pain or irritation when lifting and lowing the shoulder, when the shoulder is mobilized towards the acromion (possible calcification) and rolling the arm forward. The same provocations as a tendinitis.

 Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries

When the Pericarditis passes its acute phase a quiro massage can be performed to the surrounding areas with mobilization unless the patient is old.

Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries

Manipulations include:

  1. Arm traction and rotation manuipulations (adduction and abduction)
  2. Unblock the shoulder with movements working away from the pain.
  3. Unblock upper dorsal vertebra in extension
  4. Unblock neck vertebras in rotation, inflexion, extension or flexion depending on the misalignments.

Shoulder Luxation

In chronic phase rest and ice should be applied. In recovery quiro massage should be applied to the arm and trapeze muscle.

Isometric, concentric and eccentric exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles. Stretching should be avoided.

Painful shoulder.

A painful shoulder can be caused by over exertion (work or sports related) and repetitive movements. Pain is experienced while the shoulder is active. In a case of painful shoulder it is important to rule out tendinitis with isometric tests.

Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries

Quiro massage to the effected and surrounding areas. Massage with mobilization is the most effective. Mobilization in every direction within the patient’s pain threshold. Check and unblock any vertebrasC3 – D 5 working always away from the patient’s pain.

Sub acromial calcification

Pain or irritation is experienced by the patient when lifting and lowing the shoulder, when the shoulder is mobilized towards the acromion.

An osteopathy test for shoulder calcification is to stabilize the color bone and the shoulder blade while mobilizing the shoulder in rotation, adduction, abduction and pushing towards the acromial. The patient should be relaxed and the tests performed passively.

Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries

  1. Quiro massage for the neck and arm
  2. Massage with movement in all directions
  3. Stretches (pectorals, trapeze, deltoids, bicep and triceps)
  4. Imitation back stroke mobilization as an exercise for the patient to “take home”.

All shoulder treatments need to include the acro – clavical and aim to normalize this joint.

For more information or to book an osteopathy treatment with Simplybe in our Barcelona center click here We also recommend complimenting osteopathy treatments with Pilates rehabilitation classes to ensure your joints are strong and stable.