Osteopathy treatments for Neck Pain

Neck pain can be caused by a number of issues some of which are: Over worked muscles, poor posture, hypokyphosis, repetitive movements and stress.

Neck pain suffers normally feel pain from the base of the head to the thoracic spine and often in the upper part of the trapeze muscle and neck extensor muscles. Neck pain has a radiating effect on the body’s muscular and skeleton system. Neck pain can also be responsible for nonstructural pain such as: headaches or “syndrome oculomotor” a syndrome that effects the eye muscles.

Neck pain, more specifically muscular tension in the neck and upper back areas can lead to lack of mobility to the head in extension, flexion, rotation and later flexion.

Osteopathy treatments for Neck Pain

  1. Quiro massage to the neck and upper back with specific attention to the sub occipital area. The massage ought to include the upper back especially the trapeze muscle.
  2. Stretch the shoulder blade muscle if the shoulder blade is elevated, lowering shoulder blade and separating head from shoulder blade
  3. Neck traction.
  4. Neck traction with rotation working away from the pain.
  5. Unblock the first rib and upper vertebras of the thoracic spine in extension.
  6. Stretch out effected ligaments by rocking the head first up and down then in circles

In cases where the patient is suffering from Syndrome oculomotor the following treatment is added to the procedure above.

Ask the patient to move his or her eyes to the sides, down and up while stretching the sub occipital ligaments and muscles. If the patient finds It more painful to look in any direction, the patient is asked to maintain their vision where the pain is while the osteopath dedicates more time to stretching and massaging the muscles and ligaments. If the patient is dizzy the treatment is stopped and the patient advised to seek medical help.

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