Osteopathy treatments for knee tendinitis are common as the knee is easily injured.

The knee needs to support the bodies’ weight in a number of different angles (planes). It is for this reason the knee injuries occur not only during sports but also in everyday life.

Tendonitis is the inflammation of a tendon at the point where it inserts into the muscular or periosteum.

Knee injuries such as tendonitis are painful at the beginning of a movement. For example; to bend or straighten ones knee or when the muscle is engaged without movement. An osteopathy will test the quadriceps, tendon, patella, sartorius, hamstrings, lateral peroneus and the front of the tibialis to see which tendon is inflamed.

To relax the muscles the osteopath starts with quiro massage to the leg followed by a massage to the knee area. Massage with mobilization (extending and bending the knee) is particularly effective.

The second phase to treat tendonitis is to apply a technique discovered by James Cyriax which provokes the body to activate a chemical reaction which aids the healing process. The technique is applied to injured tendon directly for 2 minute periods before ice is applied.

The third phase of the treatment is friction massage “smoothing” the muscle away from the tendonitis. Stretching all the hip and leg muscles are included in this phase.

Finally the osteopath manipulates the knee by liberating any blockages in the knee in extension, flexion, liberating the tibialis both front and back as well as the tibialis-peroneus join.

As a weight baring joint knee injuries are difficult to heal as healing often requires rest. An osteopathy treatment can speed up the healing process of knee injuries such as tendonitis.

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