Osteopathy helps reduce Sprain pain

What is a sprain?

A Sprain occurs when a ligament (or a few) in a joint are torn or stretched. Ligaments hold bones and therefore joins in place a stretched or torn ligament can leave the joint instable. A sprain can also effect the connected muscle.

Sprains can be caused by a sudden movement or a movement where the joint and ligaments are extended to their physiological limit. Sprains also occur often in joints that are ridged and stiff (over or under worked).

Typical areas that can be effected by sprains and treated by Osteopathy are; the knee, ankle, wrist, shoulder and hip. A sprain hurts when the joint reaches its maximum limit of movement.

An Osteopath will check the ligaments interior and exterior of the knee as well as the crossed ligaments (also called the box test). Once it is established which ligament or ligaments are damaged the treatment begins.

A broken ligament cannot be treated, and the patient will have to wait until the sprain starts to heal. In this phase rest and ice are the best option.

If the ligaments are over stretched a quiromassage is essential to relax the surrounding muscles, the surrounding muscles will generally be over stressed to compensate for the lack of stability caused by the sprain. In sprains in the lower body (hip down) the osteopath treats the patient from the lumber spine down and in cases of sprains in the upper part of the body (hip up) an osteopath will treat the from the neck down.

Cyriax technique are performed over the damaged ligaments 3 times for 2 minutes periods with ice applied between the 2 minute cyriax treatments. Followed by a mobilization massage.

Osteopathy manipulations are suitable for injuries such as sprains. Osteopathy helps reduce Sprain pain by activating the flexion and extension of the joint respecting the patient’s reaction to pain.

Osteopathy helps reduce Sprain pain. Successful recovery includes a program of reinforcing exercises given to the surrounding muscle groups. And 3 osteopathy sessions a week to treat the damaged ligaments.

It is vital that the patient refrains from stretching and sudden movements during the treatment.

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