Treatments like osteopathy for short leg syndrome are the same whether the syndrome is false or real. 

Short leg syndrome is normally associated with scoliosis, most cases of lumbago, alterations in the neck and after birth.

However, these are not the only factor that can cause real or false short leg sydrome. The misalignment can also be caused by the proprioceptive system, the system which feeds the brain information from the body about movement and position in relation to the bodies support from the central nervous system.

Osteopathy for short leg syndrome.

The patient is faced down on the bed, feet off the edge. The osteopath with align the feet to see if one foot is shorter than the other then ask the patient to perform a variety of actions to assess when the root of the problema stems from.

  1.  Align feet and ask the patient to turn the head to the right and then left, aligning the feet between each head rotation. If the length of the legs change there is a problem in the sub-occipital area of the neck.
  2. Align the feet and ask the patient to open her or his mouth. If the length of the legs change root cause of the problema is in the temples and jaw.
  3.  Align the feet and ask the patient to hold his or her breath for 3 seconds. If there is a change in the length of leg the diagraph is blocked.
  4.   Turn the patient over and lif both legs to the celling 90º and check if one leg is shorter than the other. The shorter leg indicates that there is a problem in the sacrum / iliac.

If any of these tests results are positive the patient has false short leg syndrome.

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