Massage to relieve pain

The massage aims to relieve body aches, improve aesthetics and tone members. Massage is a globally recognized means increasingly positive effects to combat fatigue and restore body functions. The word massage comes from the French term “massage” or the Arabic “mase” meaning touch or feel.

The development of physiology in Europe has confirmed that massage positively affects the body very importantly because it obeys the processes that occur in the tissues of the person receiving the massage as well as afferent impulses that reach the central nervous system and stimulate the organs and systems relevant to the response action.

If we apply the massage can get a different physiological effect on the body, not just dispersing the blood and lymph, it also excites the nerves of the skin and small tissues under, such as muscles and tendons. Massage also acts on the deep roots of the nerves causing excitations of different types that are transmitted to the internal organs causing the corresponding physiological action (excitation or inhibition).

The neuroreflex massage action is that the stimulation of cutaneous receptors (exteroceptors) hosted on the muscles, tendons, joint capsules and ligaments (proprioceptors) receptors occurs, as well as staying receptors in the walls of blood and lymphatic vessels (angioceptores).

By the sensory pathways impulses pass to the Central Nervous System, reach the cerebral hemispheres causing different functional changes in the body, afferent impulses not only vary the functional state of the cortex, but also in other regions of the CNS, such as hypothalamus, thalamus, cerebellum, brainstem, spinal cord.

The massage primarily exerts its action on nerve reception mechanisms found in the different layers of the skin and which are related to the central nervous and vegetative systems. The mechanical energy of the different manipulations becomes nervous excitation energy represents an important link in the chain of complex reflex reactions.

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