Deep tissue massage, available now in our center in Barcelona

A deep tissue massage barcelona is designed to relieve muscle tension and reduce muscular problems. It can work as either a one-time treatment or for more chronic pain a series of seasons. It is equally ideal for athletes or people who, due to stress, build muscle load in their daily lives as for those less sporty that have developed muscle pain from bad posture or a sudden movement / injury.

While performing deep tissue massage in our center of Barcelona, ​​the masseuse uses hands, elbows, forearms to perform slow and deep pressure on sore areas. The movements are similar to those of other massages but a deep tissue massage differs, in that it performs movements that penetrate beneath the superficial layers of muscle as well as eliminate toxins. Sometimes, this massage can be somewhat painful, but at the end of the massage the client’s relief is superior to that obtained with another massage because all three layers of muscles are relaxed and the sensation is a lasting one.

A deep tissue massage barcelona is advised for all persons suffering muscle strain due to sports injuries, postural problems or diagnosed muscle spasms. It is also recommended for people suffering from fibromyalgia or have limited mobility, this massage provides relief that allows you to see results quickly.

Many athletes turn to deep tissue massage in our massage center in Barcelona to condition their muscles so they can perform better in sports competitions.

We at Simplybe, in addition to Pilates, offer the opportunity to discover the benefits of deep tissue massage in our relaxing center. C​come and try our beautiful studio in Barcelona, located just 2 blocks from Plaza Cataluña.

Come and see for yourself why this massage is increasingly in demand. Book your deep tissue massage in our center in Barcelona with one of our professional massage therapists here.

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