Anti-cellulite massage reduces the accumulation of fat in the upper layer of the skin.

Cellulite, causes the affected area to adopt a dimply effect, also known as the orange peel effect. An anti-cellulite massage reduces that effect.

Studies show that cellulite affects 99% of women and only 10% of men. That is because women store fat differently to men, predominantly in hips, thighs and buttocks form.

Cellulite is considered a cosmetic problem that is not associated with being overweight. Both larger and thin people suffer from cellulite. However, treating the problem is easy and pleasurable.

Juan Carlos Salazar, an expert in aesthetic medicine in the united states of America says that for every stage of cellulite is a different treatment and the more mild it this, the easier it is to make it disappear. The women who decide to end the orange peel effect on their bodies normally have around 80% success and can look forward to seeing their skin smooth and soft.

To combat cellulite and eliminate the orange peel effect there are many beauty treatments: laser, ultrasound, radiation, etc. But experts say that a cellulite massage sessions is gaining ground among those affected, especially when good anti cellulite oils and creams are used. We use only professional and natural oils to combat cellulite and have seen positive effects.

An anti-cellulite massage Barcelona may be the first step to regaining physical beauty you desire. Since cellulite gets worse between 30 and 35 years, we recommend getting started as a preventer measure as well as a cure.

A professional anti-cellulite massage breaks up fat (cellulite), facilitates the penetration of anti-cellulite creams, mobilizes the lymphatic system, improves circulation and of course leaves a pleasant bodily sensation as a massage is always nice. Experts often recommend 5 to 6 sessions of massage to see the desired results.

In addition to anti-cellulite massage sessions, there are other tips you can follow to prevent cellulite reappear such as: avoid a sedentary lifestyle by exercising and eating a balanced diet.

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Anti-cellulite massage in Barcelona

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