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Pilates Reformer

The pilates reformer is a piece of pilates equipment that enables people to practice pilates with the use of support and resistance. It is larger than a single bed and some people say it looks like a torture machine! In fact it is a very leather covered bed that one lies, sits or kneels on to practice one of the 500 exercises offered by the machines diversity.

The reformer was originally designed by Joseph pilates and made out of bed springs. The reformer has a moving bed which forces the practitioner to use their core stability in many of the exercises. There are many smaller pieces of equipment that can be attached to a pilates reformer such as a jumpboard, box and mat. A private reformer class is always better than a group reformer class as the practitioner gets to work to reach their objects faster and in a correct manner.

There is always an ongoing debate regarding private reformer classes or group reformer classes. Many people like the group classes as it take away the spotlight from the practitioner. However, there are disadvantages. For example: many group reformer classes spend a lot of time changing the springs and resistance of the reformer during the class which is I have heard people complain about as the classes with reformer tend to be more expensive than a regular exercise class or a pilates mat class.

In a private reformer class you will benefit from personalized attention enabling you to carry out the low impact pilates exercises with a strong emphasis on the breath and stability.

You can expect to be stronger, more flexible and more toned in just 10 reformer classes. The reformer adds variety and fun to pilates, the machine, with all its pulleys and springs allow for many more exercises than floor pilates.

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