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About Osteopathy

The Osteopathy was unveiled during the eighteenth century by the American Dr. Andrew Taylor Still (1828-1917), who developed a new global medical system, confronted with the medicine practiced in those days and dissatisfaction with the exaggerated prescription medications, the practice of bloodletting and other medical methods.

In 1874 made public for the first time his philosophical and practical about osteopathy postulates. From the hand of JM Littlejohn, the Osteopathy was also introduced in Europe, so the first school in Europe was founded in 1917 in England: The British School of Osteopathy. By 1957 he founded the “École Française d’Osteopathie” under the direction of Paul Geny, which later, for reasons of state repression was moved to England in 1960, becoming the “European School of Osteopathy” in Maidstone. From the 80, the Osteopathy has resulted gaining presence and visibility in Europe, based several institutes for training and continuing education.

The function osteopath at present is to eliminate the mechanical and structural barriers that prevent communication of body fluids. The state of tissues in general and connective tissue in particular is the field of action of osteopath. Here then enter a much broader concept of Osteopathy . The Osteopathy considers the totality of being human in his unit.

If all body structures are in optimum condition and act together harmoniously fascial, biomechanical, muscular, nervous, circulatory and endocrine level, it is a state of health.

It includes special methods diagnostic manuals and essentially based on the structural relationships and interactions among different tissues therapy.

The fields (structural, cranio-sacral, visceral, somato-emotional and energetic) are designed to help the patient regulate all functions that are unbalanced and cause him pathology.

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