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Clinical Pilates instead of fitness pilates?

Our clinical pilates instructor’s in Barcelona are trained in Pilates as well as other medical disciplines such as; Chiro-massage and Osteopathy. We are able apply our expert knowledge to help you in your rehabilitation process. Clinical pilates is not only designed to treat advanced physical dysfunctions but to do so without irritating the injury and causing discomfort and pain.

Clinical pilates for uninjured people. Most uninjured people find fitness Pilates amazing for improving their overall tone, strength, flexibility, posture and stress levels amongst other benefits. It is a great method to work the body as a whole rather than treat a specific problem. Clinical pilates can be used for targeting a specific problem such as neck ache or slouched shoulders.

Clinical pilates for inactive people. If you are not active and have a low awareness of your body it is advisable to attend clinical Pilate’s classes to reach a level of body awareness and strength. An overweight or unhealthy body is at more risk of injury and therefore needs to work at a slower pace to learn the basic principles in a safe manner and with a correct learning of movement.

Clinical pilates for athletes and dancers. Clinical pilates classes would be advisable to these professionals so that they can receive the full benefits of Pilates at a level that many people would not be able to achieve. The controlled breathing technique as well as the alignment and stability Pilates method offers has proved vital to many athletes and dancers.

Clinical pilates and pregnancy. Needless to say clinical pilates is one of the only methods available for women who are pregnant and have in additional a medical issue such as a hernia. A fitness pilates class for a pregnant women who has any type of hip or spinal issue can do more harm than good.

The basic principles of pilates can be applied to any movement and are what makes pilates a functional and effective rehabilitation method. It is the combination of these principles that create a conscious and positive effect to the body. The regular practice of these basic principles train the body and become ingrained in the body’s muscle memory, allowing us to use this technique in all aspects of our daily lives.

Our instructors are based in our beautiful central Barcelona studio, with their advanced anatomy and phycology training can treat many medical issues that fitness pilates instructors would not be able to treat.

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