Chiromassage center for your wellness needs

Chiromassage center in Barcelona for your overall wellbeing A chiromassage is considered a form of natural therapy that has become more and more popular as an alternative to traditional medicine. A chriomassage stems from the classic Swedish massage but

Circulatory massage for swollen legs and cellulite

Circulatory massage for swollen legs and cellulite A circulatory massage activates the blood and lymph systems to activate the body’s fluids drainage process, preventing varicose veins, heaviness and swelling in the legs and reduces pain and fatigue. We

English speaking massage therapist in Barcelona

Our English speaking massage therapist in Barcelona will save you the struggle of difficult communication. We understand that trying to get your point made as to where the pain is and what type of pain it is can be tricky in your own language, let alone a

Massage for muscle spasms, pain relief

 Do you suffer the discomfort of muscle spasms? Come and receive a relieving massage for muscle spasms in the heart of Barcelona.  A relieving massage to reduce and in many cases eliminate spasms that usually appear on the neck, back, lower back and le

Massage to reduce pain.

 Massage to reduce pain. You´ll feel like new! The solution to that annoying pain is in the hands of one of our masseuses, based in our relaxing center in Barcelona! Our masseurs will find the right massage for you, massage to reduce pain. The masseuse

Pilates for injury recovery

Pilates for injury recovery and prevention Pilates is a world famous exercise system design to improve strength, flexibility and tone amongst other benefits. At Simplybe we have found positive results in mixing pilates for injury recovery with other

massage technique

A good massage technique is importante because most massages follow the same formula irrespective of if the massage is aimed to relax or if the message is used for rehabilitation purposes. For a variety of massages in Barcelona try our international qua

Técnicas de masajes

Técnicas de masajes curativos y relajantes de alta calidad en Barcelona, nuestro trabajo es hacerle sentir bien. La mayoría de masajes siguen la misma fórmula con independencia de si el masaje está dirigido a relajarse o si el masaje se utiliza para

Benefits of osteopathy

Health Benefits of the medical application of osteopathy as a natural therapy. The Osteopathy is used for natural treatment of certain ailments and discomforts such as: Joint issues Dolores postoperative Sciatica Scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis Migraines