How do Osteopathy treatments reduce pain?

Osteopathy treatments can reduce pain caused by both degenerative diseases, muscles sprains and tension as well as skeleton structural pain Osteopathy is a form of manual treatment that is recognized in the UK, Australia and

Cold massage therapy

Cold massage therapy for injuries Cold massage therapy is used once an injury has been sustained more often than not. The application of cold cream or product during a massage is a technique that has proved very powerful. Cold massage therapy combines mas

Thermotherapy – Applying heat in massage

Thermotherapy  – Applying heat in massage Thermotherapy is the name given to the application of heat for therapeutic massage purposes. This type of massage is a very common technique in sports massage and other healing massages such as chiromassage

Massage sensitivity

Massage sensitivity is vital when it comes to treating a patient whether it be for a relaxing, stimulating or chiropractic massage. It is important that the masseur develops a sense of sensitivity to the patient physical and emotional needs so that the pa

Massage verses Acupuncture

Massage verses Acupuncture – Professionals around the world recommend massage instead of acupuncture to treat all kinds of pain. Massage verses acupuncture is a conversation that is more and more coming up in conversation Although both techniques se

The success of therapeutic massage in Barcelona

Opt for a therapeutic massage in Barcelona  A therapeutic massage, whether it is a chiro massage, deep tissue massage or relaxation massage is now seen as a recognized and effective form of treatment performed by massage therapists, physiotherapists and

Massage to enhance muscle balance

Massage to enhance muscle balance – a reality! More and more studies show that massage helps to achieve significantly better muscle funcionality such as: improving flexibility, tone and strengthening the body’s muscles. Sports tends to work

massage for tense muscles and stiffness

massage for tense muscles and stiffness relieves stress, fatigue, cramps and much more. The causes of tense muscles and stiffness range from muscle strain during exercise, to physical or emotional suffering. If your muscles are painfull or swollen you m

Massage for strained muscles

Massage for strained muscles through to fatigued muscles and over tensed facias. In todays society the majority of people drive, use computers daily (often up to 8 hours a day) and are addicted to their mobile phones. Most people look at their phones fo

Sports massage for athletes

Sports massage for athletes originated in the Soviet Union. Sarkisov Serazini was considered the man behind the famous “sports massage”. In 1922 Serazinis team began to investigate massage techniques to improve athlete’s performance. These