Osteopathy for short leg syndrome

Osteopathy for short leg syndrome

Treatments like osteopathy for short leg syndrome are the same whether the syndrome is false or real.  Short leg syndrome is normally associated with scoliosis, most cases of lumbago, alterations in the neck and after birth. However, these are...

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Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona

Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona for degenerative diseases Our Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona can help with a range of injuries from spinal degenerative diseases to blocked joints. The main cases we see are Arthritis and Hernias both provoked by aging as well as repetitive strain injury (where the body has overused a particular body part by repeating the same action over a long period of time) Arthritis: Is a degenerative disease of the joints that can cause swelling, inflammation and stiffening among other problems. All of these reactions cause the patient pain, a pain that can be relieved by an osteopathy treatment in a professional Osteopathy clinic. The osteopath gentle encourages mobility and massages the affected areas to release tension and the sensation of discomfort. To book a consultation with Simplybe Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona for degenerative diseases click here or feelfree to give us a call on 644316850, we will be happy to speak to you. For more information about arthritis. http://www.nhs.uk/conditions/Arthritis/Pages/Introduction.aspx Hernias: A Hernia occurs when the liquid from the inter-vertebral disc has left the nucleus of the disc and starts to interfere with the bodies structural and nervous system. There are many grades or types of Hernia that are recognized by the medical profession, most of which can be treated by Osteopath. In our Osteopathy clinic for degenerative diseases one of the more common and successful treatments are relieve pain caused by hernias. Our Osteopaths use a range of traction techniques to create space between the vertebra’s that are hosting the damaged disc. Massage and movement manipulation technique are performed before and traction...

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Osteopathy treatments in barcelona

How do Osteopathy treatments reduce pain?

Osteopathy treatments can reduce pain caused by both degenerative diseases, muscles sprains and tension as well as skeleton structural pain Osteopathy is a form of manual treatment that is recognized in the UK, Australia and America as a medical profession as the treatments have proved to be highly effective in reducing or eliminating pain. So why is Osteopathy so effective? Osteopathy treatments are effective as the Osteopath views the body as a whole, investigating not only the area of the body that the patient is suffering from, but also the connected areas. Often we, as Osteopaths, find that re is a primary source of the blockage or damage is causing the patients main source of pain. For example and one of the most common cases is when a patient come into the clinic suffering from a pain in the back of the leg, this pain usually originates from a blockage, muscles tension or hernia in the lower back. We know that the body communicates via nerve signals that travel from the brain and down the spine. If those nerve signals are blocked the body is unable to communicate and health deteriorates and pain arises. We also, as osteopaths understand how the body functions from a mechanical point of view and during an Osteopathy treatment an osteopath can detect, manually as well as from reading medical reports structural mis – alignments and limitations of movement. With this information the Osteopath can provide treatment and you, the patient will feel relief as the pain reduces. This normally take a number of treatments depending on the problem. An Osteopathy session consists of a number of tests and manipulations, to ensure the manipulations are effective and provide the correct results. An Osteopath constantly investigates and modifies making the treatment progressive and more effective. An Osteopathy treatment includes massage and stretching as well as what most people think of an Osteopathy treatment, the famous cracking of the joints. An Osteopathy treatment is actually very mild and gentle on the body and feels good one performed. Our Osteopaths are expertly trained and speak English and Spanish. For more information about our Osteopathy Treatments feel free to come in for a consultation. To book your consultation click here. If you prefer to have a chat first fell free to call us on 644316850

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Cold massage therapy in barcelona with Simplybe massage

Cold massage therapy

Cold massage therapy for injuries Cold massage therapy is used once an injury has been sustained more often than not. The application of cold cream or product during a massage is a technique that has proved very powerful. Cold...

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Massage sensitivity Barcelona

Thermotherapy – Applying heat in massage

Thermotherapy  – Applying heat in massage Thermotherapy is the name given to the application of heat for therapeutic massage purposes. This type of massage is a very common technique in sports massage and other healing massages such as chiromassage....

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Massage verses Acupuncture

Massage verses Acupuncture – Professionals around the world recommend massage instead of acupuncture to treat all kinds of pain. Massage verses acupuncture is a conversation that is more and more coming up in conversation Although both techniques seek to...

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therapeutic massage in Barcelona

Massage to enhance muscle balance

Massage to enhance muscle balance – a reality! More and more studies show that massage helps to achieve significantly better muscle funcionality such as: improving flexibility, tone and strengthening the body’s muscles. Sports tends to work in a specific group of...

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