Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries

Osteopathy treatments for Shoulder injuries Pericarditis is normally associated with tendinitis and causes pain or irritation when lifting and lowing the shoulder, when the shoulder is mobilized towards the acromion (possible calcification) and rolling th

Osteopathy treatments for Neck Pain in Barcelona

Osteopathy treatments for Neck Pain Neck pain can be caused by a number of issues some of which are: Over worked muscles, poor posture, hypokyphosis, repetitive movements and stress. Neck pain suffers normally feel pain from the base of the head to the th

What is Capsulitis and Bursitis????

What is Capsulitis and Bursitis? Capsulitis is the inflammation of the joints capsule that can be caused by repetitive movements, movements that surpass our physiological limit or a fall, hit and bruising. Pain is often felt when the joint capsular has pr

Osteopathy treatments for knee tendinitis

Osteopathy treatments for knee tendinitis are common as the knee is easily injured. The knee needs to support the bodies’ weight in a number of different angles (planes). It is for this reason the knee injuries occur not only during sports but also in e

Pilates increases your metabolism

Pilates increases your metabolism Pilates increases your metabolism in additional to all its other benefits. Many people thing about Pilate s and think; better posture, reduced back pain, increase mobility, exercise…All 

What comprises of an Osteopathy consultation

An Osteopathy consultation follows a standard formula. The first stage in your Osteopathy consultation is a chat: It is vital that the Osteopath and patient talk about the symptoms that brought the patient to the clinic, the patients’ medical history, l

Osteopathy for short leg syndrome

Treatments like osteopathy for short leg syndrome are the same whether the syndrome is false or real.  Short leg syndrome is normally associated with scoliosis, most cases of lumbago, alterations in the neck and after birth. However, these are not the on

Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona

Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona for degenerative diseases Our Osteopathy clinic in Barcelona can help with a range of injuries from spinal degenerative diseases to blocked joints. The main cases we see are Arthritis and Hernias both