An Osteopathy consultation follows a standard formula.

The first stage in your Osteopathy consultation is a chat:

It is vital that the Osteopath and patient talk about the symptoms that brought the patient to the clinic, the patients’ medical history, lifestyle, exercise routine, stress levels, diet and any other topic that comes into the conversation that may have an effect or be the cause of the possible problem. Osteopathy is a holistic therapy and believes that not only the physical can provoke or be a contributing factor for the patient’s illness.

The second stage of an Osteopathy consultation – tests

Depending on the symptoms and chat an Osteopath has to eliminate as well as look for the root of the problem. Many time test can give a false positive, or what seems to be the root of the problem is in fact the secondary cause of the problem. For example; a hip problem can start from a problem in the neck. Or a problem in the wrist or hand caused by a problem in the neck. It is impressible that the Osteopath performs the tests in the correct order and the correct tests to eliminate and fin potential root causes.

The third stage of an Osteopathy consultation – Massage

Good Osteopaths use Chiro massage as part of the treatment but also to prepare the body for the necessary manipulations. A Chiro massage relaxes the muscles and allows the Osteopath better access to move and manipulate the body in a smooth and relaxing fashion.

The fourth stage of an Osteopathy consultation – Mobilization

The mobilization stage are movements designed to unblock the joints, stretching the muscles and ligaments to their limits to relief pain and encourage re-alignment. Every movement works in conjunctions with the patient’s breath. Exhaling to allow for maximum mobility. The mobilization stage is pleasant and usually leaves the patient with a sence of relief and wellness.

The fifth stage of an Osteopathy consultation – Mobilization with impulse

The mobilizations with impulse are the final stage used to unblock joins. Many times simply the mobilization will be enough. The impulses are recommended for any patient that is not feeling pain in mobilization phase. The impulses are safe and sometimes make a sound at point of impulse as the joints are realigned.

The sixth stage of an Osteopathy consultation – Advice

The consultancy includes recommendations about lifestyle and posture, nutrition, stretching and even how to manage stress. For example: many people suffer from neck and back ache caused by poor posture at work. A simple step under the desk raising ones knees to 90º can eliminate or reduce back ache. Normally some dietary changes are advised as well as an exercise or stretching program.

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