Thermotherapy  – Applying heat in massage

Thermotherapy is the name given to the application of heat for therapeutic massage purposes. This type of massage is a very common technique in sports massage and other healing massages such as chiromassage. The heat has a positive effect on the muscular structure weather applied in solid form or creams. The benefits to the patient are virtually immediate.

The advantages of applying heat in massage include increased circulation and a reduction or complete relief from pain caused by injury. This is why in sports a heat assisted massage is one of the most sought after.  The pain caused by a break or sprain has been proved to be reduced by thermotherapy

The application of heat in massage is recommended by doctors and physical therapists in cases of:
– Muscle or joint pain.
– Sprain and tight muscles
– Chronic pain as rheumatism or arthritis.

The advantages of applying heat massage are:

– Increased blood flow that helps the healing process
– Sedative and anesthetic effect that reduces pain.
– Relief fatigue and muscle tension.

At all times the masseur will take into account the heat sensitivity and tailor the treatment according to the need of each individual. Thermotherapy is about a pleasantly heat rather than a burning sensation.

Doctors and physical therapists recommend sports massage with heat to treat injuries, sprains or contractures because the heat stimulates blood flow and that will take more oxygen and nutrients to the injured area causing recover before the tissue. See below for more information. UQ6AEIOTAB#v=onepage&q=calor%20y%20masaje%20deportivo&f=false)

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