A therapeutic massage is a soothing and healing way to unite the body, mind and soul.

A therapeutic massage is a holistic approach to health and the results can be profound and remarkable effective. Our English speaking masseurs adopt a holistic approach adapting the massage for your body’s needs.

The goal of a therapeutic massage is simply to help you feel better quickly. A therapeutic massage works to stretch muscles, loosen fascias and realigning joints to restore the body back to its natural state.

A therapeutic massage is a massage that is performed as a complimentary or standalone treatment and can help physical and psychological problems alike. For example: reducing pain for over tense shoulders or back pain all the way across the spectrum to those whom use massage as a form of meditation.

Previously we only considered a massage as a luxury beauty treatment. Now massages and particularly some styles of therapeutic massage such as Chiro massage, Sports massage and Circulatory massage are being recommend by doctors and peers. A therapeutic massage is not only effective but in many cases a pleasure.

The sensation of receiving a massage, the movement of energy and contact with a professional masseuse is a powerful healing tool and has been used to treat many difference aliments over the years in many different cultures. It is only now that the west has begun to acknowledge the power of a therapeutic massage.

At Simplybe we offer a choice of therapeutic massage in Barcelona city center.

Our therapeutic massage range are performed by professional English speaking masseurs. Call Devorah on 644316850 to discuss your needs and condition and let us guide you to the best therapeutic massage for you.

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