Therapeutic massage in Barcelona differs from the non therapeutic massages:

Its primary objective is to treat injuries and muscle aches. It focuses on the pain and aims to improve your health and regain physical and mental wellbeing.

There are many centers offering therapeutic massage in Barcelona to all those who suffer from injury or muscle soreness. Our recommendation is to take a course of therapeutic massage if you experience muscle spasms, poor posture, tendinitis, back pain. The therapeutic massage we offer are also ideal as a treatment for those who have suffered from an accident or broken tendons or / and ligaments and wanta  speedy recovery.

After a therapeutic massage in Barcelona you will see the results. The muscle recovers elasticity and mobility and pain and discomfort disappear. Therapeutic massages are only a method recognised by many health professionals as a valid treatment for various kinds of injurys, they also have a number of physical and mental benefits: For example: A therapeutic massage reduces anxiety levels and improves sleep, fights fatigue and increases vitality and helps reduce fluid retention. Try it and you feel like your health has improved dramatically.

A therapeutic massage in Barcelona can be one of many types of massage, however, they all are strong and energetic massage which combines traditional massage strokes like rubbing, friction, kneading, compresión on or at the muscle origin of the affected area.

It’s important to talk to your masseur about the type of injury or pain you suffer so that you can be treated properly.

Enjoy a therapeutic massage in Barcelona and discover the advantages of putting youself in the hands of a professional health and wellness massage therapist.

After a session you feel your muscles relax and a feeling of wellbeing, reduction in stress and tension leaves you feeeling like new.

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