Sports massage for athletes originated in the Soviet Union.

Sarkisov Serazini was considered the man behind the famous “sports massage”. In 1922 Serazinis team began to investigate massage techniques to improve athlete’s performance. These same investigations continue today, in a time when professional sportsmen and amateurs benefit from sports massage for athletes.

A sports massage prepares the body for competition as well as helps the athlete recover after the competition preventing / curing injuries. More and more doctors, physiotherapists and masseurs use it to help athletes improve their performance both physical and mental.

Athletes must take care of their bodies, attend health checks, etc. Sport requires a lot of sacrifice and massage for athletes is a powerful tool to help athletes achieve their goals.

Many types of massages are available for athletes, the most common being chosen are deep tissue massage, sports massage and chiromassage. These types of massage are not exclusively to dedicated sports bodies, but they tend to be deeper and more intense than then many types of massage as they focuses primarily on helping the athlete pre and post competition. The focus is to decrease muscle fatigue, eliminate toxins and also activate the circulation to aid physical performance. Thanks to stretching, compression, pressure, friction and manipulation techniques, massage is supported by scientific research to help athletes recover after sport activity or prepare for it.

TMO Physiotherapy Center highlights the advantages of this massage:

– Warms up the muscles before competition

– Aids muscle recovery after competition

– Increase circulation

– Relax and stimulate muscles

– Prevent further injuries The Sportsinjuryclinic also reflected in his articles the technical advantages of the increasingly sought sports massage, the original massage for Athletes.

If you practice sport professionally or as an amateur and want to improve your performance, prepare before a competition or aid recovery we recommend you visit our center. For more information or reservations click here.

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