Simplybe, your professional massage center in Barcelona. Don’t be disappointed.

Barcelona is full of massage places, some less creditable than others. When selecting your massage whether it be a healing deep tissue massage such as: a Chiro massage to a relaxing massage. It is important to have your massage performed by a professional masseur to avoid any risks of injury and to ensure you get your money’s worth!

Why is our professional massage center different from others?

Our masseurs will not only perform the massage centre barcelona of your chose from our massage menu, but are also able to offer you advice on how to help reduce muscular aches and pains, as well as stretching and exercises to prevent injury or aid recovery. Our massage therapists are also trained in Osteopathy, Pilates, Yoga and other techniques designed to aid wellness and promote health.

Our professional massage enter is also different from most in that we are native English speakers. Better communication for you to get more out of your massage from an easy booking process to discussing your medical history and any ongoing free wellness advice offered by our professional masseurs.

Our massage menus includes:

Chiro- massage – a healing full body massage designed to heal muscles and relax the mind

Sports massage – a deep tissue massage aimed at preventing injury or aiding recovery.

Deep Tissue massage – A hard massage that releases tension in over stressed muscles

Relaxing massage – An oil based massage designed to improve overall wellness.

Anti-cellulite massage – To reduce lumps and dimples in problem areas.

Circulation and draining massage – For swollen feet and legs. Relaxing and alleviating.

Thai massage – A fully clothes massage that employs acupuncture and stretching.

If you are not sure what massage barcelona is right for you call us on 644316850! We are always happy to have a chat to help you select the massage that will work best for you.

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Our professional massage center are happy to offer you a wide range of massages performed by highly qualified masseurs in a safe and relaxing environment in our beautiful Barcelona center.