Your professional massage therapists in Barcelona is very close to you.

Devorah Al-irimi and the Simplybe team are a professional massage therapists with many years of experience in massage and body work such as Pilate’s rehabilitation and much more.

According to experts, doctors and massage therapists relieve stress as well as muscular tension. Doctor’s now-days consider a massage a complementary therapy to traditional medicine. Why not try a massage in our beautiful center is located just 2 blocks from Plaça Catalunya you will find a relaxing atmosphere and expert technique so that you can enjoy your preferred, personalized massage.

Our therapeutic massages are focused on reducing muscle aches and tension as well as help recovery from injury. However, if your aim is to relax we also can offer a massage that will rebalance your physical and mental well-being. Ask us what you are looking to achieve and we will allocate the professional massage therapist from our team to help you.

Professionalism, experience, health, peace. There are some of the advantages you will get in the hands of our professional massage therapists. Every massage has its purpose well as a number of benefits for your health. Our massage range include: circulation and drainage massage, sports massage, cellulite massage, Thai massage, relaxing massage, etc.

After years working with various clients we have developed a wide range of services and encourage the combination of services for a holistic approach. In our experience, talking a combination of services such as Pilates and massage allows for a better experience weather you want to speed up your recuperation process or destress.

We offer Yoga, Pilates (with and with reformer machines) and fitness classes

Put yourself in the hands of your professional massage therapist and body work professional and see for yourself as your massages with or without our additional services help improve your health and increase physical and mental wellbeing.

Book your massage with our professional massage therapists in Barcelona. We speak Spanish and English!

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professional massage therapists in Barcelona



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