Pilates for injury recovery and prevention

Pilates is a world famous exercise system design to improve strength, flexibility and tone amongst other benefits. At Simplybe we have found positive results in mixing pilates for injury recovery with other fitness and therapeutic techniques.

Recently we have seen many offshoots of pilates become available such as yoga-laties, bar pilates and clinical pilates. At our pilates and massage center in Barcelona, we believe that everyone is different and every discipline offers its individual benefits. It is for this reason we specialize in reformer, mat for both fitness and clinical pilates for injury recovery.

Without a doubt disciplines such as pilates, massage and osteopathy are all valuable tools for overall wellness and rehabilitation. However, our experience shows that combining Pilates for injury recovery with other techniques such as a healing massage helps maintain the clients wellbeing or rehabilitation process.

How does it work? Firstly, we assess all our clients in either an individual assessment or during group pilates and yoga classes. We recommend a private classes which offers a more thorough individual assessment for your first visit. Often we can see that the client can benefit from improving an aspect of their physically health. For example; improved flexibility or tension release caused by stress or bad posture. For these clients we recommend either mixing their weekly pilates routine with massage or reformer class respectively. Alternatively, we offer classes where there are a mix of the disciplines in a single class. For example; a clinical pilates class could include pilates combined with massage or  stretching techniques if that’s what the clients body needs.

At Simplybe our pilates and yoga instructors are also trained in either massage, fitness or osteopathy. In our Barcelona center we offer 5 different massages including: Chiro massage, therapeutic relaxation massage and Sports massage.  we see pilates work for injury recovery, and when mixed with massage, an every speedier responce.

A combination of techniques allows the client to benefit without having to book 2 sessions, for example a massage and a pilates reformer class, saving time and money. Also we offer 30 minute massage sessions combined with pilates for effective results.

At Simplybe our clients wellbeing is our priority. For more information click here or call / whatsapp us on 644316850

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