Osteopathy treatment for torticollis, a painful and sever muscle contraction in the side of the neck.

Normally torticollis is caused by bad sleep position or a change in temperature. If a patient is suffering from torticollis more than twice a year there is a high probability that there is a more complicated problem at the root of the torticollis such as: arteritis, muscle sprain, a problem with the vertebra disc, or muscle fatigue.

If the patient has braguialgia (acute pain in the arm) the treatment focuses on disc related problems. If the patient is no suffering from braguialgia a standard osteopathy treatment is applied.

Standard Osteopathy treatment for torticollis

  1. Trigger point treatment to relax muscles
  2. Quiro massage; a gentle massage that Works along the muscle fibers rather than across the neck and upper back muscles. However, when the patient is in the recovery phase the massage works across the muscle and deeper into the muscle chain.
  3. Neck and upper back stretches
  4. Head traction and the realignment of any vertebras blocked in rotation using either direct / indirect techniques so that not to cause muscle strain during the treatment.

Osteopathy treatment for first rib and scalene syndrome

First rib and scalene syndrome is normally a result of neck problema. It is a secondary injury that occurs if the initial neck injury is not treated. However, it can also be a primary injury caused by bad posture and dental problems.


The first rib and scalene syndrome as a secondary cause of neck injuries such as; torticollis where pain travels from the side of the neck down to the color bone and the patient normally experiences difficulty turning his or her head.

Around the color bone pain and tenderness is experienced when the patient inhales deeply combined in cases with paresthesia (a burning, itching or tingling in ones fingers).

Osteopathy treatment for first rib and scalene syndrome

The treatment is the same as torticollis but two additional osteopathy techniques are included in the treatment. They are; the scalene muscle is stretched and the first and second ribs are unblocked.

For more information regarding our Osteopathy treatment for torticollis or first rib and scalene syndrome click here. Simplybe also recommends rehabilitation Pilates classes to compliment your osteopathy sessions to encourage recovery and prevent further injuries. Simplybe, osteopathy, massage and pilates in Barcelona


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