Massage to enhance muscle balance – a reality!

More and more studies show that massage helps to achieve significantly better muscle funcionality such as: improving flexibility, tone and strengthening the body’s muscles.

Sports tends to work in a specific group of muscles, which in turn causes muscle imbalance. The opposing muscles in effect become weakened, suffer from fatigue, excessive immobility and even injury. As a result many athletes are turning to massage to enhance muscle balance.

However, muscle imbalance is not confined to athlets, poor posture is also a common cause of muscular imbalance. Regular massage to improve muscular balance targets all muscle groups so that no area is overloaded. The effects are that gradually muscle tone and flexibility returns to the “ignored muscles” which then translates into balance and stability. A massage also helps to eliminate stress, which in turn help correct habitual stress related postural evils.

A sessiones of massages to improve muscle balance can benifit both amateur or professional athletes as well as people with a sedentary lifestyle. The Spanish Heart Foundation talks about the advantagesof receiving a body massage, including: relaxation, elimination of toxins, improved strength, stimulate circulation, etc.

In Barcelona many doctors and physical therapists recommend massage to avoid imbalance as you can see by clicking on this link

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