A good massage technique is importante because most massages follow the same formula irrespective of if the massage is aimed to relax or if the message is used for rehabilitation purposes. For a variety of massages in Barcelona try our international qualified masseurs.

Step 1. A massage will generally start with a conversation to identify any medical issues. If the masseur is happy that he can work safely with the patient.

Step 2. The masseur testing the muscle density. Usually applying pressure to a muscle will allow the masseur to grade the firmness or tightness of the muscle, and therefore the level of pressure required to perform the massage effective.

Step 3. Once the density of the muscle has been identified the masseur will start to warm up the muscles preparing them to be work manipulated. This stage is called friction and involves long firm circular movements This phase is also useful to distribute the massage oil if massage is to be used.

Step 4. The exploratory phase may be considered one of the most important phases. At this stage the masseurs locates muscular contraction or tension by applying pressure to key areas. The exploratory phase can direct the masseur as to how the massage develops. In some cases the “troubled area” may need more time being manipulated than other areas, in other the affected area could indicate to the masseur that it should not be manipulated to avoid further damage. For example, muscles over or near a hernia should be avoided rather than worked on. When massage is being used as a form of therapy or injury treatment it is advisable that the client has first visited a doctor and can advise the masseur of their medical condition accurately.

Step 5. Following the exploratory phase the masseur starts the main body of the massage, the healing phase. In this phase the masseur will use various techniques and pressure to work deeply into the muscle fibers to achieve the best result for the patient. For example stretching tendons often relieve pain and improve mobility.

Once the masseur has complete the healing phase the masseur works backward returning to phase two, friction cooling down the muscles and relaxing the client before the massage reaches its end.

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