Massage sensitivity is vital when it comes to treating a patient whether it be for a relaxing, stimulating or chiropractic massage.

It is important that the masseur develops a sense of sensitivity to the patient physical and emotional needs so that the patient benefits as much as possible.

What is massage sensitivity?

Massage sensitivity is understanding the importance of sensing the mood of the patient. In short, massage sensitivity is understanding not only the patient’s nature and the way they act so that the masseuses knows how to approach each patient differently and apply different massage sensitivity techniques depending on the patient and reason for the visit.

For example, if a patient is rushed, late and stressed the consultation, and beginning of the massage will be very different to a patient that is already relaxed. It is also important to know the patient’s circumstances and to make sure that the patient is comfortable in the environment where the massage is given in order to give the best possible service and reap the best results.

Doctors and physical therapists recommend massage in situations where the patient suffers from stress or chronic illness as a tool to aid relaxation. The patient will receive both physical, emotional and mental ease and help. Numerous studies show that massage and sensitivity to problems such as; anxiety, are reduced as the muscles relax and the mind is calmed. Studies have also shown that massage reduced pain which cause by a number of problems such as with cancer or fibromyalgia, i.e. the patient detects an improvement in mood and pain is reduced.

In addition to therapeutic massage purposes, physical contact from a masseur generally gives security and comfort to the patient, in addition to relieving stress.

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