Research shows that massage has an effect on both the central and peripheral nervous system.

A good massage provides a relaxing effect, the patient peace and eases away stress and muscle tension and helps functions such as capasity to sleep well. Equally to a massages relaxing effect it also serves to stimulate, increasing physical and intellectual capacity, reducing or eliminating fatigue to make way for a sense of physical and mental agility.

The skin is the first area in receiving the massage as the massage therapists hands come into contact with the skin and start to work the desired effects. During a massage the movements of the hands dispose of the dead cells that had accumulated in the skin. (Either by stressful situations or immobilization) The rejuvenated skin allows substances to penetrate better and increases its sensitivity.

Massage also affects the circulatory system improving it and therefore improving muscle function, so more and more people use massage as an aid to improve circulation whether the patient is suffering from over excursion, pregnancy or simply bad circulation. Many athletes opt for a sports massage to aid their muscle function and pregnancy women tend to opt for a drainage and circulation massage to help with retained liquidity and to combat the lack of mobility.

Other advantages for the nervous system thanks to massage are:

-Deep relaxation physically and physiologically.

– Reduce muscle tension and blood pressure.

– Reduction of anxiety.

In short, we can say that the effects of massage on the nervous system are a reality and that this ancient technique benefits not only the nervous system, but also the circulatory system, respiratory system, muscle-skeletal system and of course, the skin.

Some of the studies used to support our claims in this article are below. As shown by the study of the effects of massage by the UGR (University of Granada) And the study published by the Latin American Journal of Physiotherapy and Kinesiology among others.

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