Massage as complementary and alternative treatment to traditional medicine.

More and more massage therapy has gained the trust of most people as a substitute or alternative to medical treatments.

WHO (World Health Organization) has estimated that 90% of the population use complementary and alternative therapies to improve one’s health. China, India and Japan are some of the main countries that have frequently embodied alternative medicines into their culture. Massage has been also proven to also reduce stress and relieve side effects caused by drug use.

Besides medical treatment there is always an alternative or complementary therapy that helps and facilitates the recovery of the patient, from an alkaline diet for people with cancer to massage for pain relief

Doctors, physiotherapists and industry professionals consider massage as an alternative to traditional pro drug methods for healing disease and illness. It is now commonly acknowledged that alternative treatments which focus on a more holistic approach can be effective. In India, for example, they treat the body and mind together to prevent and cure diseases. Massage unifies these two concepts benefiting both physical and mental health.

During a massage the muscles relax and as a result stress and strain is reduced, it can be considered a complementary treatment for people who are medicated against anxiety and depression and have equal effect as those suffering from physical conditions

There are many types of massage, each type is designed to fulfill a particular purpose, according to the patient conditions or needs: drainage massage, thai massage, cellulite massage, relaxing massage are just some of the massages offered by or

Although they serve different purposes, they all have something in common, their goal is to improve health, both physical and mental well-being

The advantages of massage:

* Physiological: all massage affects any function of the body.

* Muscle: relaxes muscles, relieves tension and contractures and prevents injuries.

* Circulatory system: improves blood circulation, increases the production of red blood cells.

* Psychological: to relax the body and stimulate the mind stress out to lead a healthy life.

We can all benefit from a massage now and then, you need not be suffering from pain or mental illness, you may simply want to indulge and relax after a hard day’s work.

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Massage as an alternative and Complementary Therapy


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