Circulatory massage for swollen legs and cellulite

A circulatory massage activates the blood and lymph systems to activate the body’s fluids drainage process, preventing varicose veins, heaviness and swelling in the legs and reduces pain and fatigue.

We keep a face pace of life during the day and often spent many hours standing. By the time we end our work day, for many of us, our legs and feet have paid the price and are swollen and painful. There are many factors that cause varicose veins or “swollen legs” amongst some of which are: a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, stress, and genetics. Data shows that 3 in 4 adults suffer from tired legs due to poor circulation, and that more women suffer than men. Fluid retention affects millions of women and is a clear sign that our circulation is not working correctly.

Doctors advise circulatory massage therapy as activating circulation, reducing water retention and to help eliminate toxins. Try just 5 sessions and feel that sense of swelling and heaviness disappear. Other proven advantages is that it helps to improve our physical condition because it increases the number of red blood cells, so this massage is also recommended in cases of anemia.

Dr. Luis Orozco, nephrologist, warns that “people that wake up with retention (fluid), from the early morning is a warning sign,” Dr. Luis Orozco, nephrologist recommends you have your circulatory system checked out. We recommend that you get in the hands of a professional masseur for treatment as soon as possible.

Stop suffering this problem! The effects are both aesthetically displeasing and dangerous to your health. Book now to save the summer heat worsening the problem as the blood goes from the center of the body to the arms and legs, aggravating the problem.

The circulatory massage helps fight any circulatory disorder: fluid retention, cellulite, obesity and is the perfect ally of cellulite massage. The circulatory massage is used as a supplement to medicine to combat the dreaded cellulite. Besides massages we recommend you take a healthy lifestyle and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

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