A Holistic massage conforms to the idea that we are united in mind, body and soul.

Now-days taking a holistic approach to health has become more and more popular as the world becomes smaller and we learn from other cultures.

At simplybe we offer a holistic approach to our treatments and encourage clients to take a combination of Pilates, Yoga and massage to get the most from your body. Taking a holistic approach to wellness involves the client adopting a personalized aproach to their treatment, as the treatments are designed to “work” for you, an individual.

A holistic approach to your health has been proven to be effective weather your objective is to take time to mentally or physically relax, improve your bodies tone, flexibility and circulation, improve peace of mind and balance, or simply to recuperate after pregnancy or injury.

We believe that it is vital to think of the body as a whole. For example: If the body has a pain in the leg we might think that there is a problem with the leg. This may be the case sometimes, though often a pain in the leg might be caused by a problem in the back or foot or even in the mind.

It’s for this reason that when treating a person we work to connect and disconnect the different parts of the body and mind. For example: we may offer suggestions so that the client may change certain behavial patterns such including exercise or breathing activities. Both can reduce anxiety and reduce muscle tensin and in many cases pain. We may also recommend co-ordination or stretching exercises, both can increase “movement confidence” and give the client a sense of lightness and reduce fear and shyness.

For more information about our selection of therapeutic and holistic massage click here. If you would like to discuss your requirements first we encourage you to call one of our Spanish or English speaking masseurs on 644316850

Try a holistic massage and more – feel the difference