About the history of chiromassage.

Etymologically “chiro” is hand. And massage is manual or instrumental manifests therapeutic method in movement and handling.

The origin of chiromassage is as old as man, and that comes instinctively to rub the palm area of ​​pain.

Massage therapy emerged as first more or less rudimentary methods, but with satisfactory results, leading to its improvement, refinement and progressive systematization.

Massage has been present in all cultures throughout history throwing such eminent names, in this field, such as Hippocrates, Ling, Max Heindel, Paracelsus, among others.

In ancient China, massage and appears as one of the three forms of healing with acupuncture and moxibustion.

In the “Hong Fou” Taoist inspirational book written 2000 years BC, are engraved with gymnastics and massage.

Also in the “Nei Ying” Book of Emperor Hurany-Ti, it speaks of “healing hands” 1000 BC.

In India, massage is used both for ritual purposes and therapeutic purposes. By 1700 BC, the Vedas or sacred books revealed by Brahma and specifically the “Ayur-Veda” or science of life, declared to medicine. Practice friction and percussion with lemon Ganges known as “Chamboning”, “Shamponing” for English is known, and hence the word shampoo used to wash hair with friction.

In Egypt, the practice of massage is also known. Apparently, at first it was a quiet Pharaoh who exercised over his subjects, with a healing and sacred purpose, along the spine as a magnetic passes practice. Later it was reserved to the priestly caste practice.

In classical antiquity, the massage was especially important. In ancient Greece the importance that reached the massage is perceived through the proliferation of representations of this theme in all kinds of useful. Both therapeutic massage and aesthetic and especially sports are practiced. The Aplites or masseuses completed its work with hydrotherapy treatments, phytotherapy, etc …

Special mention Hippocrates. In his treatise “Fractures and joints,” said the correct way to perform friction and vasoconstriction, concluding the convenience of rubbing a Member upwards instead of down.

During the Roman Empire, stand Asclepiades, Themison, Areteo. The massage was specially demanded by the noble layers of Roman society. Being known addiction Julio Cesar for massages.

The Middle Ages was a dark time also for massage. Predominantly Christian moral iron, the body is regarded as sinful, is ignored, hidden and martyred. Massage at this time is synonymous with witchcraft.

The Arabs, in their task of cultural synthesis will do the same with the ancient texts relating to this subject, but did not contribute anything substantially itself.

However, Avicene (XI) rub recommended after any prolonged to eliminate unhealthy substances.

The Renaissance was a time of great change as well as happened with the massage, which had its period of renewal and awakening. Classics are reviewed and the great thinkers of the time (Luther, Camerano) advocate body care and physical education. An anthropocentric view of the universe that will continue in the seventeenth century (Locke, Hobbes ..) is recovered. Mercurialis J. and L. Punch were the people who had more influence and contribution during that time in the study of massage.

Peter Henry Ling, in the eighteenth century, is one of the greatest contributions to the world of massage and gymnastics. He must:

  • was the creator of the term physiotherapy or Therapy through movement.
  • systematization and dosing period and recognizes their studies of a scientific nature.
  • qualified massage and passive motion, but more powerful than the movement itself.

Since the nineteenth century, a long list of professionals (Kellog, Lander, Mitchell, Mezger, Estradere), who have contributed their work to the development and recognition of massage as alternative therapy appears.

As we have seen, a long journey massage through history up to the present day, where the massage enjoys prestige and recognition worldwide for its effectiveness and speed recovery.

The benefits of massage is especially valued in our time when stress, lack of exercise and physical and psychological imbalances are so present among us and affect much of the population. Gradually has been introduced in the official medical circles, health centers, hospitals…

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