Our English speaking massage therapist in Barcelona will save you the struggle of difficult communication.

We understand that trying to get your point made as to where the pain is and what type of pain it is can be tricky in your own language, let alone another!.

At Simplybe we provide a wide range of health therapy’s from  massage to Pilates and yoga. Our English speaking massage therapist and instructors are fully qualified to international standards to ensure you walk out feeling great and with the peace of mind that you are in knowledgeable hands.

All our massages are performed by English speaking massage therapists. Our massage english barcelona list includes:

Chiromassage: A healing massage designed to overcome painful and overstressed muscles as well as relax. Feel yourself unwind.

Deep tissue massage: An intense massage designed to work out any knots and overstressed muscles.

Relaxing massage: Ideal for tired achy bodies as well as those who just want a treat. Spoil yourself and book a relaxing massage

Sports massage: For amateur and professional sports people alike. Great as a method to maintain muscles healthy as well as bring muscles back to health.

Thai massage: A massage that adopts a holistic approach including acupressure and stretching. A massage performed on a mat on the floor wearing loose clothing.

Anti-cellulite massage: Designed to drain fluids and smoothen the skins appearance. Anti-cellulite oils are used for maximum effect.

We encourage people to think about combining a massage with a pilates or yoga class as we have found positive results from those who combine the two activities together

Try one of our professional and experienced English speaking massage therapists in Barcelona to get the most out of your massage. Our health center is based in the heart of Barcelona 5 minutes’ walk from Plaza Catalonia and is in a beautiful and calming environment.

For more information regarding massages contact us here For more information regarding pilates and yoga

We pride ourselves on our professional service. Simplybe taking care of you.