Cold massage therapy for injuries

Cold massage therapy is used once an injury has been sustained more often than not. The application of cold cream or product during a massage is a technique that has proved very powerful.

Cold massage therapy combines massage techniques with the effects of a cold agent that will not only will relieve pain but also helps the recovery of people suffering injuries, strains, sprains, legs.

Statistics show that men suffer more injuries than women by nearly 70% and that the sport that generates the most  injuries is football. ( / hemeroteca? article = 1670)
Cold massage therapy
is well known and used in the world of football.

Cold massage therapy
is calms the effected area by using creams, ice packs or sprays causing a soothing anesthetic effect. The cold agent, sedates and reduces sensitivity in the area and decreases
the inflammation.

The application of a cold agent in the massage is used mainly in sports massage, especially after competition. The application of a cold agent varies depending on the time it is applied, the previous temperature of the tissue, or tissue type.

People who need Cold massage therapy often have a break, sprain, strain, tendonitis, joint inflammation or chronic pain.

However, application of a cold agent is also used as a preventive measure before sport or compete, it will help prevent injury. In any case the masseur will always consider sensitivity to cold that the person has to tailor treatment according to the need of each.

Cold massage therapy often uses river stones to treat the affected area. The cold stones invigorate and stimulates the nervous system while eliminates or reduces stress. Read here for more information ( 

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Cold massage therapy
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