Chiromassage center in Barcelona for your overall wellbeing

A chiromassage is considered a form of natural therapy that has become more and more popular as an alternative to traditional medicine. A chriomassage stems from the classic Swedish massage but with a twist. Chiromassage was coined as a massage technique by Dr. Vinente lino Ferrándiz whom was also the founder of the Spanish school of chiromassage.

The word Chiro mean “hands” because a chiromassage unlike other massages only uses ones hands to perform the massage. In the last 20 years there had been a significant increase in the amount of chiromassage centers in Spain and worldwide. Chiromassage is now known as one of the most effective massage techniques to reduce pain and increase wellness.

Our chiromassage center has seen positive results. The “OMS” considers a chiromassage a valuable compliment to traditional therapies and in some case it has been said that a chiromassage can be used as an alternative to some traditional methods.

Many doctors’ nowadays recommend a specialist massages like a chiromassage or sports massage to reduce pain or maintain the body healthy. In our chiromassage center you can expect professional massage therapists that have experience helping clients with problems such as: over tense muscles caused by stress or physical exercise to releasing pain caused by a trapped nerve. In our quiromassage center we have even seen insomniacs sleep better as a result of our massages!

El Dr. Stock stated “The stimulating massage is curing and effective”

Many doctors, health professional such as osteopaths, physiotherapist have completed massage courses to better their skills and help their clients. Massage is a natural method for the body to recover without adding toxics into the system. In ‘Science Translational Medicine a report was published that proved that a 10 minute massage does reduce pain and irritated inflamed body areas.

Simplybe massages a Chiromassage center in the center of Barcelona. For more information regarding our extensive list of massages clic aqui. Here you will find a mix of professionalism and a relaxed environment in the center of the city.


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